Mixed Media Messy Play Monthly Class 2024/25
with Kathleen Laurel Sage

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Mixed Media Messy Play Monthly Course 2024/25 with Kathleen Laurel Sage 

Watch Kathy's introductory video.

In this monthly class Kathy will show and encourage you to use many different techniques to produce your own fabrics for creative use within you chosen skill set.  Each month you will be guided towards a small project using what you have created on the day,  Across the year we will be working towards a body of work capturing your individual unique style.

The course will cover many painting techniques such as mono/geli printing, screen printing and learning how to make your own stamps and stencils.  Add to this transfer painting, Batiking, dying, foiling, image transferring and your work will be totally unique to you - the designer, printer and maker.

Dates on a Tuesday during 2024:  9 April, 14 May, 11 June, 9 July, 13 August, 10 September, 8 October, 12 November, 10 December.  2025 14 January, 11 February, 11 March.

14 May 2024 - Polymer Clay & Fabric Painted Wrapped Bead Dangles

Get messy and paint your fabrics to make stunning beads wrapped and threaded with threads and beads.  Create your beads and Kathy will show you how to make a textile dangle.

11 June 2024 - Painted Lutradur Booklet/Journal

Lutrador is a Vilene product that receives paint beautifully and can be cut easily with scissors or a soldering iron.  Let Kathy show you how to work with it and made a small personal journal with all your samples.

9 July 2024 - Dyeing Fabrics & Threads

In this class you will learn how to use procion dyes to ice dye, tie dye and cram jar dye fabrics and threads.

13 August 2024 - Creating Painted Papers for a Stitched Picture

Create a collection of painted papers that you will tear and cut to create a picture for stitching.  Kathleen will show you techniques to make stunning unique papers and ideas to help you design a picture.  She will demonstrate stitching ideas to elevate your picture.  Hand embroidery threads and/or a sewing machine will be required on this class.

10 September 2024 - Shrink Plastic Embellishments & Painted Paper Embroidery

Trace or freehand draw your own beads and buttons to enhance your craft work.  Kathleen will show you how to use shrink plastic to create several pieces to turn into a small embroidery by adding some painted papers and hand stitching.

8 October 2024 - Transfer Painting for Quilters & Embroiderers

Paint your picture first and then let Kathy show you how to transfer the paint to your fabric.  Try you hand at Hawaiian style transfers, snowflakes and painted pictures, paper doll chains and dollies.  Transfer painting has endless possibilities and is so much fun.  Your finished transfers can then be quilted, machine stitched or embroidered.

12 November 2024 - Block Printed Story for Stitch

Let Kathleen guide you towards a story strip where you can create a length of block printed fabric to be stitched onto by hand or machine and tells the printed tale of paint to fabric, brought together with stitch.  Suitable for both hand or machine embroidery.

10 December 2024 - Screen Printing with Expanda Print

Expanda print puffs up when heated to give a raised dimensional appearance.  Create beautiful expanda print motifs and designs that will accept all paints and dyes.  Let Kathy show you how to make masks and simple screen prints of your favourite shapes and patterns then show you how to create colourful raised embroideries from your pieces.

12 January 2025 - Embossing on Fabrics with Glitters & Foils

Come and see how you can change your fabric and paper by foiling or embossing it.  You will create a collection of foiled, glittered and inked pieces for stitch and embellishment from which you will be guided to create a framed collage.

11 February 2025 - Wet Felting Fun Bag

Let's wet felt a bag with a flower.  Learn how to wet felt flat fabrics and dimensional flowers.  Kathleen will take you through the process and you can make several flowers throughout the day.  She will also show you how to stiffen the felt.

11 March 2025 - Paper, Cloth, Scissors.  Print & Stitch:  Medieval Collage

Using mixed media materials you will be shown how to build up and work your own unique canvas based around medieval motifs and shapes.  You will bring all the pieces together with stitching by machine and/or hand.

£34 each or buy 10 classes for £250.  If you cannot make the first date please contact the shop on 01234 824983 and we will move amend bookings - see cancellation policy.

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In addition to spending your time crafting, Tudor Rose Patchwork offers a special lunchtime menu at O For Coffee for students.  You can choose from a selection of jacket potatoes, sandwiches, paninis, toasties and soups.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Should Tudor Rose Patchwork have to cancel a group meeting you will receive a full refund or a transfer to the next expected date (with your agreement).
  • Should you wish to cancel your attendance on a group meeting, please phone or e-mail us  by 5pm of the day prior to the group meeting to arrange a payment transfer.  If cancelling for a Monday group meeting, please phone or e-mail by 5pm on Saturday.
  • If a pattern is availabe and you cannot attend any paid for day then Tudor Rose patchwork will arrange for you to receive the pattern.
  • Patterns remain the property of the tutor and should not be copied, passed on or used for teaching purposes without  the permission of the tutor.