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Presencia Fincrochet 3-Ply Crochet Cotton

This is a high-quality 3-core (3-ply) crochet cotton from Spain which glides through your fingers, resists splitting and is made from 100% mercerized Egyptian cotton.   
While it is called crochet cotton, it is a very versatile thread which can be used for anything from crochet to knitting to lace-making to tatting.   The very finest weights (80, 100) are very suitable for lace-making, while the heaviest weights (10, 20) would be suitable for creating very nice knitted lace.   It is also ideal for that major tatting project.
Unlike with some cheaper brands, Fincrochet crochet cotton has a working stiffness to it which enables you to maintain a consistent tension in your work which you can achieve by feel as much as by sight.  This means less wasted time and cotton - and a much neater and professional-looking product.  Our staff love it!
The thread is sold as 50g balls.   This means that the finer the thread, the more thread you get.    Lengths per ball by thread weight are shown below:
No. 10:  Approx 300 yards
No. 20:  Approx 470 yards
No. 30:  Approx 574 yards
No. 40:  Approx 814 yards
No. 50:  Approx 929 yards
No. 60:  Approx 1138 yards
No. 80:  Approx 1300 yards
No 100:  Approx 1518 yards