Frequently Asked Questions ...

1. Where are our Terms and Conditions?  Well,  here for a start. You can also find them under SERVICES, and you can  read them from the shopping cart pages. They're all over!
2. How do we send goods purchased on line? Everything is send by Royal Mail except for packages which are too heavy for the mail.   Those packages are sent by courier.   
3. When do we despatch your goods? As soon as we can, and never more than 48 hours from you plaincg your order without us contacting you.   The vast majority of items purchased on line during a working day are despatched on the same day.   If there has to be a delay for some reason, we will contact you to discuss the situation!
4. Will we cut fat quarters for on line fabric purchases? Yes, if you ask us to.   In fact, if you buy 25cm of fabric on line, then we will assume that you want a fat quarter unless you tell us otherwise.   If you buy, say, 50cm and want it cut as fat quarters, let us know.
5. What do we charge for shipping? It's all here in the shipping info page!