Meet the Designers

Keechii B Style


My name is Marcia Spencer, get to Know Me. I learned to sew at a very young age from my mother, who set the foundation for the basics. As I grew, I quickly picked up more skills on my own. Now as an adult, I have used sewing and designing to create a platform to share with others. I’m inspired by vintage designs, runway styles. Keechii B Style is my declaration of individuality and personal style! Click here to meet me.


Duana Chandler


My name is Duana Chandler, get to Know Me. My second child, Blaire was a micro preemie, so she was too small for the standard size preemie clothes. So I began to sew her clothes that fit. That reignited a spark and passion for sewing. In 2019, I discovered an entire sewing community on social media and made a lot of new friendships. In 2020, I started learning about pattern design through online videos and trial and error. It has been quite a journey, but the best part is, that there’s always more to learn.  Meet me here.


Nefertiti Griggs


My name is Nefertiti, get to Know Me. I love creating with vibrant, colorful, and bold printed fabrics. Sewing and making are things that I have enjoyed since childhood. Sewing has helped me navigate being homesick and experiencing loss, grief, and anxiety. It has truly been my therapy over the years. There is a true beauty in creating your own clothes but even more rewarding when you’re able to say, “I made it!” View my YouTube intro here.


Julian Collins


My name is Julian Collins, get to Know Me. I create bright bold menswear classics that bring a smile to my face and others. I have a Facebook group called Sew “Manly” where all are welcome. I enjoy engaging in conversations around visibility, diversity, equity, and inclusion in the sewing community. Most importantly I work to teach and encourage others to create the life they want through a wardrobe that makes them feel amazing. Say hi here.


Nikki Brooks


My name is Nikki Brooks, get to Know Me. My love of sewing started in May of 2012. My mother passed away suddenly in August of 2011, and everything shifted for me. I left my job and started a fashion/lifestyle blog. At the same time, I happened upon a Mimi G sewing tutorial, pulled my sewing machine out the closet and made my first garment. I’ve made making clothes that perfectly fit my mission.  Get to know me here.


Norris Dánta Ford



My name is Norris Dánta Ford, get to Know Me. I am a menswear sewing/design influencer, an instructor for as well as the editor of, a style and DIY blog. I learned to sew from my now wife, one of the most celebrated industry leaders, Mimi G. I’ve designed menswear patterns, started an online group “Dope Men Sew” on Instagram which currently has over 3,000 followers, and have built a community for men who sew. Men’s fashion has been my life’s work for the past decade, and with a keen eye for detail and design I continue to push beyond boundaries in the world of menswear, sewing, and design. Click here to see my intro on YouTube.


Alissah Ashton


My name is Alissah Ashton, get to Know Me. I’m a self-taught sewist and pattern designer. After years of hemming and altering clothing that I bought to fit my 5-foot-tall self, I decided to pull out my sewing machine and try to sew my own clothes. Here we are seven years later and my small goal of sewing a summer wardrobe turned into sewing my entire wardrobe and building a sewing career!  Meet me here.


Ella Clausen


My name is Ella Clausen, get to Know Me. My love for DIY is deeply entrenched in being a first-generation American, a Black-Filipinx maker, and a believer in the power of strong women. I started Handmade Millennial to document my journey towards a handmade wardrobe; to share fresh, modern styles and sewing patterns, and to celebrate the wonder of creating things.  Click here to meet me.


Scorpio Uzuh


My name is Scorpio Uzuh, get to Know Me. Sewing is truly my passion. There’s just an inherent freedom in being able express yourself in the construction of your garments, something I call wearable art. Like a lot of guys, commercial fashion brands never quite fit me the way they did on the models. So I took the leap to start designing my own clothes. Sewing is the most authentic practice that there is, and one I’m blessed with having the opportunity to share with you all. From Sins Of Many with love. See me here on YouTube.

Brittany J. Jones


My name is Brittany J. Jones, get to Know Me. In 2016, I launched my self-named blog and Youtube channel and now I teach sewing to thousands! Among many other things, I’ve been a sewing instructor at the Sew It Academy and I’m the co-owner of “Melanated Fabrics & Creative Center” in Atlanta, Georgia. I enjoy every minute I get to create. Now my goal is to encourage others to use their time to create and enjoy the process.  Meet me here on YouTube.

Aaronica B. Cole


My name is Aaronica Cole, get to Know Me. I'm a plus-sized sewist and designer in the Metro-Atlanta area. Sewing became my reprieve during hard times. When I got divorced, my mom gifted me a sewing machine in hopes I would begin to create as an outlet. So when I was pregnant with my second child, I began upcycling thrifted clothes into maternity pieces and haven't stopped since. Now I find that I'm empowered to create garments that look beautiful on my body! Click here to meet me.


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