mySewnet™ VAULT for customers already using mySewnet™

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mySewnet™ VAULT


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This revlutionary feature is set to alleviate a major challenger for embroiderers when it comes to managing your thousands of embroidery designs and related files.

 With mySewnet VAULT, you can effortlessley import your embroidery designs, apply various labels, and organise them into custom albums.  This empowers you to locate the perfect embroidery designs swiftly and efficiently for your projects.

Key benefits of mySewnet VAULT:

- complimentary with a mySewnet account.  Access VAULT free of charge and elevate your embroidery experience.

- Seamless connectivity: send your designs directly to your connected machine or software, streamlining your creative process.

- Effortless categorisation:  sort the same file into multiple relevant albums, making it simple to find your designs when you need them.

- Efficient search and organisation: search, filter and sort your files and albums with ease, enhancing your workflow.

- Visual previews:  enjoy image thumbnailes for a quick preview of your designs, helping you pick the perfect one for your project.

- Safe and secure:  benefit from 2GB of secure online storage, ensuring your precious embroidery files are protected.

Wuith mySewnet VAULT, the aim is to create an even better ecosystem for a seamless creative journey!

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Silver 2021 for those who want to enhance and embellish ready-made designs.  The perfect entry to embroidery.  

Gold 2021 Digitize with minimal effort with step-by-step wizards guiding you through the creative process!

Platinum 2021 The complete collection of tools for full control of the creative process.

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