Baltimore Spring 13-Block BOM 70in (178cm) Quilt Pattern

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Baltimore Spring 13-Block BOM  70in (178cm) Square Quilt Pattern

This is a complete pattern set for a fantastic 70in (178cm) square legacy quilt which could well be treated as a personal block of the month project.    There is one central 24in panel with twelve 12in blocks surrounding it.    It also as a vine-style outer decorative outer border.    

You will ideally have an intermediate plus skill level to complete this beautiful quilt, but we bet that if you submitted the completed quilt to a competition then you would likely win a prize!   

The patterns are prined on paper so stiff that it's almost cardboard, unlike some cheaper patterns.    The pack of patterns is nearly 1cm thick.    The resources required to create the quilt are listed in detail.   All you have to do is to choose the colour combinations which please you.