Paraffle Giraffe Pattern and Thread Pack

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Stitch a sunny safari with a Paraffle giraffe embroidery pack!
  • suitable for beginners
  • includes DMC mouline thread, stitch guide, Size 7 embroidery needle and stencil on water soluble paper.
  • Each pattern is printed onto a water soluble adhesive fabric stabiliser - when the kit arrives, simply peel the pattern off the backing paper and stick it onto your fabric. Once you've finished stitching, the stabiliser dissolves away in lukewarm water.
  • You will need: fabric, scissors and an embroidery hoop

?Sammy's Note?: I love the sandy, brown tones of this giraffe - the way the paisley shapes combine with the colours was designed to look like their patterned coats. Giraffes' spots are like fingerprints: no two giraffes are exactly the same - and I like to think of embroidery like that, too. Even though embroidery designs look similar, each stitch is totally individual to the person who made it!

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