Dylon Wash & Dye for Machines 350/400g

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Dylon Wash & Dye for Machines 350/400g

Breathing new life into a faded top or old pair of jeans has never been so easy, with Wash & Dye reviving colour is as simple as it sounds.

Dylon Wash & Dye's unique all-in-one formula dyes fabrics as it washes them, so you can achieve an intense new look or take faded greys back to black with minimum effort.

Dylon Wash & Dye gives your dark colours renewed intensity with permanent results you can be proud of.

How to use

1.  Wearing rubber gloves, empty Wash & Dye powder into washing machine drum & add dry fabric.

2.  Immediately run a 40 Deg C cotton cycle without prewash or economy setting.

3.  Add normal washing detergent & run another 40 Deg C cotton cycle to remove excees dye from fabric and to clean machine.

Dry fabric as normal, away from sunlight and heat.

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