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Pilot FriXion Fineliner Pens

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FriXion Fineliner

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Keep The Best, Erase the rest!

Write, Erase, Repeat!  NEVER cross out again with FriXion Fineliner, the writing erasable felt-tip pen from Pilot!

With its smooth and erasable ink, the new Pilot FiXion Finelinerfelt-tip switches from words to sketches to drawings with equal ease and precision. 

Illustrating, mapping and modelling your thoughts for more impact on your projects and ideas? Taking notes in colour to highlight and remember key points? Or organising your daily life in a fun way by creating your bullet journal? 

Available in 12 brilliant shades, the Pilot FriXion Fineliner enriches and embellishes your writting. It also knows how to erase when ideas get out of control and wipe out hesitations so you express only your very best. #happywritting

** Because of the erasble ink, FriXion Fineliner must not be used for signitures, legal documents, examination papers or other documents where writting needs to be of a permanent nature. 

Available in a variety of 12 bright colours for many uses.

Eraser on cap 

Comfortable and ultra resistent felt-tip for both writting and drawing.... all in one! 

Thanks to the erasable thermo-sensitive ink: Write, FriXion it and Rewrite immediately!

Tip Size: 1.30mm

Writting Width: 0.45mm

Not Refillable

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