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Woodland Park Single/Twin Quilt Pattern by Kids Quilts QLT051

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Woodland Park Single/Twin Quilt QLT051 from Kids Quilts

This marvellous pattern features a wonderful collection of animals from the woodland including mice, a fox, a squirrel, birds, owls, a raccoon, even a charming bear to applique onto a single or twin quilt. A delightful addition to any little ones bedroom. 

Material Requirements:

All fabrics requirements are based on fabric that is 42" (106cm) wide.  Cm measurements are rounded up to the nearest 5cm.

·         Red:                                                                        45cm (16”x42”)

·         Dark teal:                                                               95cm (36”x42”)

·         Dark green:                                                           35cm (13 ½”x42”)

·         Orange:                                                                 65cm (24”x42”)

·         Light teal:                                                              1.4m (54”x42”)

·         Light green:                                                          50cm (18”x42”)

·         Red with orange spot:                                         80cm (31 ½”x 42”)

·         Orange with red spot:                                         35cm (13”x42”)

·         Green with teal spot:                                           30cm (12”x42”)

·         Teal with green spot:                                          25cm (10”x42”)

·         Green owl print:                                                   15cm (4 ½”x42”)

·         Main green print (outer border)                        1.1m (42”x42”)

·         Medium brown:                                                    20cm (8”x42”)

·         Beige:                                                                    25cm (10”x42”)

·         Dark brown:                                                          15cm (4 ½”x42”)

·         White:                                                                     15cm (4 ½”x42”)

·         Teal shadow print with trees:                            30cm (12”x42”)

·         White multi spot:                                                  15cm (4 ½”x42”)

·         Green shadow print with trees (piecing only) 15cm (4 ½”x42”)

·         Main white print (piecing only):                         15cm (4 ½”x42”)

·         White print with animals circles (piecing only) 15cm (4 ½”x42”)


Other Requirements:

  • Fusible webbing.
  • Cotton threads for sewing applique and quilting.
  • Batting and backing fabric 15cm (6”) larger than finished quilt.
  • Rotary cutter, ruler and cutting mat.
  • Embroidery (dark brown was used here for embellishments).
  • General sewing supplies.