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Stephanoise Lace Zips, 60cm (24in)

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These pretty lace-edged zippers will look great on any garment.  The lace effect is cut out of the tape, and the zipper can be sewn on the outside to expose this.   
The zipper is 60cm (24in) long. Closed, the tape is 2cm (3/4in) wide.  Closed, the teeth are 0.5cm (0.19in) wide.  This zipper can be installed as either concealed or invisible.    
There is a moveable metal clasp on the back of the zip which can be used to shorten it to the desired length.  Move the clasp to where you want it, then pinch it as tight as possible.   When you have done this, you can cut the zip below the clasp.  The slider is made of metal and its colour matches the tape and the teeth.
Machine washable if necessary.