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Prym Ergonomics 5 Double Pointed Knitting Needles

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Prym Ergonomics 5 Double Pointed Knitting Needles

The new generation of knitting needles is light, flexible, and perfectly structured.  Prym have re-designed the kntting needle: the material, the contours, the function, the ergonomics.

These double pointed knitting needles are made of high performance synthetic material, with hook tips.  The new drop-shaped tips optimise the picking up and guiding of the yarn.  These hook tips make the start easy for the beginner and enable the experienced knitter to work quickly - even with complicated patterns.

First round, then triangular - the triangle shape of the shaft offers as few contact points as possible to the knitting.  The stitches can thus glide noticeably freer along the needle shaft - for fun knitting without having to push the stitches along as one knits.