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Sally Leonard
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Hello there and welcome back to the Tudor Rose Blog and the third instalment in our tutor’s profile series. This week we are turning our attention to Sally Leonard and the art of counted stitching. Sally is not only a fabulous tutor but she is also has beautiful design skills to showcase as well.

While being able to teach all forms of counted hand stitching, Sally’s true love lies with contemporary Blackwork. Don’t know what Blackwork is? Well, traditional Blackwork (which is sometime known as Spanish Blackwork) originated from the times of Henry VIII to Elizabeth I.  It was used to decorate collars and cuffs of garments to simulate lace and appears in various portraits. Normally the work was stitched in in silk thread onto linen or cotton fabric with a very little metallic or coloured thread to accent.

Today it can come in many shapes and forms with all sorts of colours, thread types and metallic threads being used to create style and texture which can be seen in Sally's designs.  While Sally has only been designing since 2011, her keen eye for detail and her self-taught technique has allowed Sally to experiment and express herself through her work. You will see in many of her designs the basic Blackwork techniques on charted designs as well as different metallic threads, charms and buttons to bring her designs to life and add that special Sally twist.

Her unique style has gained much popularity both here at Tudor Rose Patchwork in her ‘Stich along with Sally’  and 'Candlewicking Redwork and Stitchery' classes, but also nationwide at shows where her Blackwork kits fly off the shelves.