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Joy Spelman
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Joy has been a crafter most of her life being taught to sew and crochet by her mum. Her first sewing achievement was creating a pair of green, floor-to-ceiling curtains for her mum's lounge! She studied art and design at college and then her career took a dramatic turn, as she travelled the world for many years working for the Foreign Office. 

Love, marriage and family brought her back to this country and fate led her to Tudor Rose Patchwork. Her passion for crafting rekindled, there isn't much in the world of craft she hasn't tried. From jewellery beading and machine embroidery to silk painting, her love, however, is crochet. So when she's not tapping away on a laptop in the office or joyfully serving customers behind the counter, Joy runs several crochet groups a month. She enjoys nothing more than helping a beginner learn the basics of crochet and watching them develop a life long love for the craft. Encouraging these students on their crochet journey, progressing from simple scarves to garments and then through to more complex patterns.