Janome Purple Tipped Needles Size 14 Part No. 202-122-001

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Janome Purple Tipped Needles Size 14 - Part No. 202122001

These prevent skipped stitches on heavy fabrics.

Purple Tip Needles are designed to prevent skipped stitches with heavy fabrics, including knits, while doing sewing and embroidering. They feature a ball point tip to prevent fabric thread breakage and a special cobra shaped head to form a proper needle thread loop so that it prevents skipped stitches caused by the fluctuation of the fabric. 

Purple Tip Needles are recommended for:

  • Embroidery with a high density design and/or thick fabric
  • Fluffier thread like cotton
  • Quilting multiple layers which normally resist needle penetration      
  • Sewing knit, tricot, and synthetic fabrics like thick polyester

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