Powertex Universal Medium - Ivory

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Universal Medium Ivory

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Powertex Universal Medium - Ivory

Powertex is a versatile, water based liquid hardener that air dries to make any porous material rock hard. This interesting product allows you to make a unique sculpture, add to a frame or any other project you desire. Powertex is weather resistant.

To use: Dip textile in Powertex, wring it out well and drape or wrap about a frame or object to create unique artworks, sculptures and crafts. Once dry you can add pigment to give different colours or extenuate depth and texture of the material used.

This Powertex is Ivory so will change the colour of your textile to ivory and is available in 250g, 500g, 1kg and 5kg bottles. **Beware of using dark fabrics as an great deal of Pwertex will be needed to make the end result completely Ivory. For best results choose pale coloured base fabrics.**

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