6mm Flower Sequins Approx 50

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6mm Flower S

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6mm Flower Sequins Approx 50

6mm Flower in a vast range of colours and finishes including Matt, Glossy, Holographic and Metallic.  Also available are 3mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm round flat sequins, along with stars, snowflakes,  tusks and a Christmas mix

Unlike other retailers, we sell small quantities of approximately 50 sequins.  Who needs 500 of the same colour?  By selling small quantities, we allow you to enhance your projects in an array of different colours and sizes.

Use to enhance your crafting and dressmaking projects. Add to an embroidery, make a motif on a t-shirt or bag, stitch on the collar of a jacket to add something special.

Watch the video to find out about Josy Rose, the manufacturer and supplier of our sequins.