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Prym Fusible Bonding Yarn 987170

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Prym Fusible Bonding Yarn/Thread

  • Yarn with adhesive properties
  • For hems with an invisible seam.
  • To be processed using an overlock or sewing machine
  • Thread goes into the lower loop on an overlock machine 
  • On a sewing machine, either bobbin or straight from the reel is possible. 
    Using an zig zag stitch (as wide as you like), stitch so that the fusible yarn is on the reverse side of the fabric/hem.  When finish, fold the hem so that the fusible yarn is on the inside of the hem and press with a iron from the outside.  The fusible yarn will bond to the other side of the fabric and the hem is made.
  •  Length: 40 m
  • Full directions in the pack.
  •  Washable up to 40 degrees
  • Prym 987170