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Prym Soft Comfort Thimbles, 4 Sizes, Ergonomic Design

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Prym Soft Comfort Thimbles

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Other Details
  •  For protection when sewing, embroidering or quilting
  •  Made from ergonomically customisable soft material
  •  Air holes make sewing a pleasant past-time.
  •  Cap with dimpled structure for protection and safe needlework
  •  Available in orange (S), pink (M), green (L) and azure (XL)
The ergonomic Soft Comfort thimble offers perfect protection when sewing, embroidering or quilting. Its soft material nestles snugly and comfortably on every finger, while the slots ensure additional ventilation when working for long periods. The hard plastic, white cap protects reliably against unwanted needle pricks. Guiding the needle is made easier by the special dimpled structure of the cap. The ergonomic thimble is available individually or as a display in the colours, orange, pink, green and azure which indicate the various sizes, S, M, L and XL. The well-proportioned, practical thimbles bring colour to every sewing basket.