Mettler Silk Finish Cotton 50 Art 9090 1372m/1500 yds

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All-purpose sewing thread SILK-FINISH COTTON 50, ideal for quilting and sewing

Sewing thread SILK-FINISH COTTON MULTI 50, colorful, ideal for quilting and sewing

Enjoy a blaze of color that has it all! With the colorful sewing thread SILK-FINISH COTTON 50 boredom is a foreign word. From sewing through quilting to matt embroidery: the high-quality cotton sewing thread impresses with its versatility and gives cotton creations a special touch.

Its noble, silky, shiny appearance also inspires when overlocking: As looper thread and in combination with SERACOR as needle thread, the thread creates impressively beautiful effects. A large color selection and different running lengths make SILK-FINISH COTTON MULTI 50 the perfect thread. Longarm quilt projects can also be perfectly realized with the larger spools.

No matter what project you want to use the sewing thread for: the highest quality is guaranteed. A mercerization process during production makes the sewing thread more tearproof, low-shrink and iron-proof. With SILK-FINISH COTTON MULTI 50 you are buying exactly the right thread for a wide variety of projects.

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