Prym Pinking Shears Professional 23cm (9in) - 611515

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Prym Pinking Shears Professional 23cm (9in) - 611515

The professional pinking scissors from Kai make cleaning the edges of fabric unnecessary thanks to their clean serrated cut. With these sturdy pinking shears from KAI you can easily cut through several layers of fabric. The pinking shears give decorative edges to leather work as well as decorative cardboard and paper. Thanks to the ergonomic soft handle, it fits perfectly in the hand and cuts precisely without the material getting stuck. The larger handle eye can accommodate up to four fingers so that you can work without fatigue or pressure points: the force is ideally transferred to the zigzag blades made of high-quality stainless steel. In addition, the lower blade of the pinking shears remains on the work surface during the serration cut, so that it can be safely guided on a surface when cutting.

  • Make additional neatening of fabric edges superfluous
  •  Ideal for decorative work in various materials
  •  Safe to use thanks to soft handle
  •  No lifting or slipping of the fabric


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