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Machine Embroidery Ideas by Kathleen Laurel Sage

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A fantastic book from our very own Kathleen Laurel Sage, who is a nationally- and internationally-renowned tutor/crafter/authoress.   What Kathy can do with a piece of organza - or goldwork, embroidery, patchwork, you name it - is just amazing.   We are happy and very proud to be selling her book!    Believe me, if you are interested in this kind of work, the book is great value.   It's well-written and designed to enable you to learn to replicate the kind of things she does.    From her introduction:

"I am a dedicated machineaholic. Playing with my sewing machine, threads and fabric is how I express myself. The stitches I make on my machine mean everything to me as I sew shape, lines and colour with my threads. My machine brings together many techniques and becomes my tool to paper, yarns, plastics and diverse fibres with rich stitchery from my colouring box of threads. My thread can also be my pencil, and nowadays I find it just as easy to draw with my machine as I do on a piece of paper."

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