Prym Ergonomics Cable Stitch Needles 4mm x 2

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Prym Ergonomics Cable Stitch Needle YOGA 4mm - Set of Two

The innovative Prym Ergonomics Yoga cable stitch needle fulfils the promise of its name. The core of the needle: a shaft which bends flexibly into any shape you require. A sturdy wire core ensures that the required shape - hook, U or corrugated shape - stays in place. Therefore this needle simultaneously offers a variety of practical functions - cable-stitch needle, auxiliary needle, stitch holder, stitch marker. When not in use, the Yoga needle can be placed comfortably around the wrist. The combination of two materials offers a further highlight, because the soft, matt synthetic material of the needle shaft with its "grip" ensures that open stitches are secured, while the smooth, drop-shaped ends of the needle pick up the yarn with ease and so ensure that your knitting is a relaxing past-time. Dropped a stitch? The Yoga cable stitch needle makes it simple to knit dropped stitches back to the top of your work!

20cm long.

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