Sew Easy Sashiko Tote Bag ERS.014

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Sew Easy Sashiko Tote Bag ERS.014

Kit includes: 100% cotton, navy fabric; 40m of Japanese ecru cotton embroidery thread, 4 inch Seigaiha template, white water soluble fabric pencil & gold-eye embroidery needles (size 3-9) x 16pcs. Full instruction on packaging. Approximate finished size: 36 x 42cm.

The Japanese word Sashiko means "little stabs" or "little pierce".  Humble beginnings led to creating home necessities by devising a simple stitch to quilt several layers of loosely woven fabric for strength and warmth.

Modern Sashiko products have now rejuvenated interest by using traditional Japanese designs worked onto indigo dyed fabric with white contrast running stitch.  A luxury finish to quilting, home furnishings and craft projects.

For further ideas, have a browse at Simple Sashiko by Susan Briscoe.

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