Heat Applied Glitter Film

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DAE HA Glitter Fabric - Heat Applied Decorations and Embellishments 

Use this heat-applied glitter transfer vinyl to create your own unique fashion statement.  Embellish your craft projects as you want.  Will bond to most fabrics using a warm iron, and onto glass, metal and wood using a heat gun. It will also bond to paper using an iron, if the paper has been stored we reccommend ironing the paper prior to adding the glitter film. 

A superior vinyl product infused with non-transferable glitter. The advanced heat treatment process means that the glitter in this product will not loosen, even if scratched, but still retains that lovely tactile glitter feel. Ideal for craft projects that require some enhancement with no fuss or mess!

  • Non-stick backing
  • Can be layered
  • Machine washable to 40c
  • Tumble Dry on a low heat
  • Iron from reverse
  • Can be stitched upon without messy glue sticking to your sewing machine needles
  • Suitable for cotton, polyester, acrylics and similar textiles.
  • Can be used on other surfaces with a heat gun - always test results first

The Glow in the Dark is a similar product but without the glitter - it really does glow in the dark!

Sheets are slightly bigger than A4 at 24.5cm x 30cm (9.5 x 12 inches).  If you'd like to try a multi-pack comprised of 6 quarter sheets click here.

Instructions for Use:

  • Draw your design on to the side without the clear layer (vinyl film layer) - the reverse side.  The shape will be reversed when finished.
  • Cut out the design.  Place the design in its final position, clear vinyl layer up.
  • Place a piece of baking parchment, greaseproof paper, teflon sheeting, or just a piece fabric on top of the vinyl layer.  The vinyl film layer will be removed after the next step.
  • Press the design with a hot iron (suitable for the fabric that the glitter film is being applied to) and hold for 15 seconds.

Download our free pattern to create your very own glitter vase or glitter hanging hearts using heat applied glitter film.

Watch John here for hints and tips.