Embroidered Soldered and Heat Zapped Surfaces by Kathleen Laurel Sage

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A fantastic book from our very own Kathleen Laurel Sage, who is a nationally- and internationally-renowned tutor/crafter/authoress.   What Kathy can do with a piece of organza - or goldwork, embroidery, patchwork, you name it - is just amazing.   We are happy and very proud to be selling her book!    Believe me, if you are interested in this kind of work, the book is great value.   It's well-written and designed to enable you to learn to replicate the kind of things she does.    From her introduction:

"For many years I have been totally beguiled by the delicate see-through nature of organza materials.  I love the huge array of colours available; plain, shot and rainbow to mention a few.  They continue to amaze me giving so many more colours by simply overlaying them to obtain all the colours in between.   With their see-through qualities gripping my attention, coloured acetate, synthetic net and other such synthetics occupy many of my rare play sessions."​

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