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Bobbin Reel Embroidery Stories
with Kathleen Laurel Sage
Saturday 17th October 2020

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If you want to be on the waiting list for a cancelled place, give us a phone on 01234 824983

Bobbin Reel Embroidery Stories with Kathleen Laurel Sage on Saturday 17th October 2020

Come and have a fun day with Kathy playing, fiddling, arranging and embroidering a miniature story in fabric, lace and stitch.  Then when it's complete in all it's gorgeousness, wind it up onto a Modern wooden bobbin with its own wooden needle to act as a tie to keep it all safe.  This workshop is fantastic for using up bits and bobs and the random curious way it evolves makes it a very personal and home spun keepsake to the individual maker or to the person you make it for. 

10am - 4pm


In addition to spending your time crafting, Tudor Rose Patchwork offers a special lunchtime menu at O For Coffee for students.  You can choose from a selection of jacket potatoes, sandwiches, paninis, toasties and soups.