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Storm Tossed Sea
Powertex with Purple Boots
Monday 24th June 2019

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Storm Tossed Sea - Powertex course with Purple Boots 

Powertex is a great product for recycling old materials. In this workshop you will take an old canvas and make it really interesting! Add elements to create a stormy ocean in shades of lead and add a wonderful stormy sky. The workshop will incorporate lots of detritus stirred up on the ocean floor. Once the piece is dry it will be possible to add some superb details with a range of colouring products, bringing the storm to life! 
If you have any favourite shells from a holiday why not bring them along with you to incorporate them into the project? 
As with all Powertex projects your final piece will be completely weather proof. Why not display this on a garden wall? This would be perfect for a beginner but also great for a more experienced Powertex student. 
£29 including materials 
11am - 2.30pm

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