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Fantastic Fox
With Purple Boots
30th September 2019

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Fantastic Fox - Powertex with Purple Boots - 30th September 2019

If you have never tried the wonders of Powertex now is your chance. Spend a morning making the composite parts of this quirky little fox in a bronze base colour. Compile the parts and then add a jaunty bow tie before time in the afternoon enhancing the textures of the different recycled fabrics you have used. 

Powertex is weather proof once dried, and therefore your finished fox could look wonderful at the base of a tree in your garden or standing guard outside your back door. He would look equally fine on your mantlepiece. 

This sculpture is designed to compliment the Raggedy Earred Hare, together they would make a gorgeous pair, but would work equally well as stand alone sculptures.

10am - 4pm 

£49.00 Inclusive of materials 

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