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Rit Powder Dyes For Fabrics

If you cannot find that perfect coloured fabric to match your quilting, patchwork, sewing or home decor project then why not custom dye your own fabrics. These fabrics can add depth and texture in exactly the colour and tone you want.

This wonderful range of powder fabric dyes from Rit started their lives shortly before World War 1. Charles C Huffman began experimenting with fabric dyes for use in the home, starting with mega equipment and a vacant store in Chicago. Huffman had a new product ready for market in 1917 which was a dye with soap that would dye and wash at the same time. The product was named Rit in honour of a friend, Louis L Rittenhouse, who had helped financially and became the first Vice President.

Rit's Slogan became: "Never Say 'Dye' .... Say Rit!"

The real innovation came in 1941 when Rit introduced their all purpose dye which enabled success in dying synthetic fabrics which were becoming more common place. It was credited with pulling the whole dye business out of a slump.

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