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Deanne Tucker
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Deanne's interested in sewing started in junior school.  She made an apron and a baby's smocked bib.  That set her off on a life-long journey.  In senior school, she had a few proper lessons and for the first time ever, used an electric sewing machine.  That was it, she was hooked.

At 14 years old, she started saving coins in a bottle and was eventually able to buy her first sewing machine, second hand of course.

She made nearly all her own and her daughter's clothes.  Even making clothes for other children living in the area around their street.  At that time, you could buy the same fabric from Watford Market that clothes in the shops were made from. 

She is self-taught.  She believes '"iIf you really want to learn you can.  It takes time, perserverance and or course, we all make mistakes.  Nowadays we can use modern technology to help.  You Tube is just a click away."

Her youngest student is 11 years old and the oldest... well it would be rude to tell.

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