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Hand Embroidery - Performing Pop Up Boxes & Books Stream 1
with Kathleen Laurel Sage

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Pop Up Books & Boxes - Stream 1

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Hand Embroidery  - Performing Pop Up Boxes & Books with Kathleen Laurel Sage 

In this monthly hand embroidery class you will create a pop up, pop out hidey hole book or box demonstrating all your embroidery skills and new found construction skillls. The aim is to create an interactive project where pages are part of another page, pages unfold outwards, flaps lift up, pull out or are hidden waiting to be found.  Hide embroidered letters and clues to be found.  You will be shown how to work the stitches you need and how to construct openings, sliding pieces and pop ups.  


Tuesdays: 1 June, 6 July, 3 August, 7 September, 5 October, 2 November  7 December. 


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In addition to spending your time crafting, Tudor Rose Patchwork offers a special lunchtime menu at O For Coffee for students.  You can choose from a selection of jacket potatoes, sandwiches, paninis, toasties and soups.