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Special Offers On Machines

Sewing Machines, Overlockers and Embellishers.

Please note We are unable to supply Janome-branded products outside the UK and Ireland. The warranty on Janome products supplied from the UK only applies within those territories.

We have a good range of these fantastic sewing machines and we are proud to stock and sell them. Our staff members are knowledgeable about the machines and can answer most of your questions should you care to ask.

Additionally, we provide a no-fuss returns or repairs policy under warranty for machines that we sell.

Buy from the team which CARES about these things!

Janome 2300XT Sewing Machine
Janome 2300XT Sewing Machine£189.00  £159.00
Save: 16% off
Janome Sewist 725S Sewing Machine
Janome Sewist 725S Sewing Machine£299.00  £259.00
Save: 13% off
Janome CoverPro 2000CPX
Janome CoverPro 2000CPX£499.00  £479.00
Save: 4% off
Janome M50 QDC Sewing Machine
Janome M50 QDC Sewing Machine£539.00  £479.00
Save: 11% off
Out of stock
Janome M100 QDC Sewing Machine
Janome M100 QDC Sewing Machine£579.00  £519.00
Save: 10% off
Janome M200 QDC Sewing Machine
Janome M200 QDC Sewing Machine£639.00  £569.00
Save: 11% off
Janome Atelier 5
Janome Atelier 5£999.00  £899.00
Save: 10% off